Monday, November 17, 2008

grimm family fun

so much fun visiting my littlest seester this past weekend. love, love, love my family! some highlights of our beaver falls visit...

our cute welcome.

games. laughing til i cried.

aunt gingy.

oram's pumpkin spice donuts. so. so. good.

my sweet car buddies. this is when it was quiet...

my beautiful seeeesters. love em.

more pictures here!


  1. i LOVE that picture of you 3 girls!!! looks like such a fun weekend!

  2. fast post-er! love the sleeping boys...too bad they weren't like that for very long!

  3. i was just looking at this post again, and that picture of the 3 of us, i actually think we all sorta look alike! that's like the first time ever that i've thought we look the same!

  4. I love this sister photo!! By the way, I decided not to mention you in the baby girl request since I know you get way too much pressure in that department:)!!