Thursday, November 20, 2008 at work...

i love the view out the window at my job. white snowflakes falling against the red barn.

of course it was barely snowing when i took the pic, but you get the idea.

a police officer stopped by the office [we won't get into that]. after he was done talking business he looked at me and said, "you look too young to be working here, shouldn't you be in school?" guess it runs in the family since apparently lyndsay is 12. that would make me 17 so i guess maybe i should be in school.

this is how old i look. [note all the bleached hair in this pic - including my bleached highlights. amazing.]

and last but not know you work at a farm when you write a check description of: potato hit window.


  1. do you like the "you look younger than you are" comments? i happen to be a big fan. when the comments are about my voice though, i'm not as thrilled. last week i met with a guy who i had only spoken with over the phone. when we finally met in person he joked 2 TIMES that he as trying to figure out if i was 13 or 14...ha.ha.ha.

  2. totally stellar picture.

    good, at least you're getting some of the comments too, not just lynz & me.

    i wanna know why a policeman was there.