Thursday, December 11, 2008

~snowshoeing and wreathmaking~

went to one of our favorite places [aunt jan's] to snowshoe with victoria & jeremy. we were worried it may be too cold, but we're tough cookies and we survived. [speaking of cookies, thanks aj for all the yummy treats when we returned!] martha inspired me and i wanted to make a wreath from scratch. so we collected greens and berries and twigs and pine cones on our trek. it was fun because we noticed all the little things poking out of the snow that we normally would just tromp down.

and we're off.

rosy cheeked snowshoers.

love to be in the snowy woods!

scavenging in the woods.

grapevine from my neighbors window. don't ask.

accessory bench. notice the neat-o brown thingers. [official name]

hard at work

jake helped.

we stopped for a break...

to eat chocolate lava cakes under the tree.


ta daa!


  1. oh. my. word. i LOVE the pic of jake helping. you can totally tell i'm leaning forward talking to him...

  2. love, love your wreaths. you guys are so crafty!

    (my first word verification didn't show up at all!)