Tuesday, December 2, 2008

>>tanksgiving highlights<<

thanksgiving is about giving thanks and...eating. and eat we did. south carolina style. i like to eat. really like to eat. so i get excited about good food. i could write for a food magazine if i had better writing skillz. [can you use z's in magazines?] anyways if you're visiting anyplace i've lived or vacationed, i'd be happy to share all the best places to eat. cause i'm crazy cool like that.

i was quite pleased to find this sammy at the airport!
this is definitely NOT south carolina style.

hardeeeeeee's! yummy, yummy biscuits. we love going to hardee's with granddad in the mornings.

frolicking on the beach.

kyotos rice with white sauce. a fav of ours when we lived in charleston. quite possibly worth the 15 hour drive.

the crew...not a bad location for tanksgiving, eh?

thanksgiving turkey...er pig.

the best part of thanksgiving...

spending it with my best friend. who i am very thankful for.


  1. 1. want it - good airport find
    2. want it
    3. silly mar
    4. really want it, rub it in, rub it in
    5. awesome that you did a family photo
    6. disgusting
    7. cute
    8. cute

  2. looks like F-U-N. the beach shots are amazing. love them!