Thursday, January 29, 2009

back to life. back to reality.

florida was scrumptious.
seriously warm sunshine. [i even sweat a little].
long walks and a warm breeze.
getting out of the car & bracing myself, only to realize i didn't need to. [for frigidness. i get so tense from the cold that i for real hurt myself. i make my neck & back all sore.]
freshly picked grapefruit & strawberries.
laying poolside with the most amazing husband ever [mine].
chilling with the most amazing parents ever [mine].
palm trees blowing in the wind.
sitting in the sun with grams & gramps, listening to stories.
four-car pile up on the interstate. ok, maybe that wasn't scrumptious. more details on that later.



like i said, back to life. back to reality.

1 comment:

  1. good song, good song.

    even without the cold you still got a sore neck in florida. guess you're just destined to have a sore neck.