Saturday, February 28, 2009

new zealand: day 3

justin ran to the bakehouse and brought me a flat white for breakfast. on our way out of kerikeri we stopped by the ferris' shop. they specialize in slab tables using massive trees, which are absolutely beautiful and amazing. i need want one. we drove to the rain forest to check out the massive kauri trees.

group hug...
it was a drizzly day, which made for a good driving day. so we drove, drove, drove all day. we stopped for dinner in a town where we didn't feel a warm welcome. we walked in a restaurant and i'm pretty sure we were rejected. we stood there for awhile before we were even acknowledged. finally the hostess came up and said, 'um i'm sorry we're full.' hm - no option to wait apparently? we asked if she could suggest anywhere else in town. 'no.' so we made like a banana and split. as we were driving out we saw a flashing takeaway sign and stopped. for dinner we had burgers with beets and potato wedges. that's right, they put beets on their burgers. the lady at the takeaway restaurant was very kind. she even gave us free tomato sauce. i bet the rejecto restaurant wouldn't have given us free tomato suace. which brings me to another important point. there's no ketchup in new zealand.
how's one to eat a veggie burger with no ketchup?? with a beet i suppose. and some tomato sauce. but i'll admit it, i missed ketchup in nz.
we arrived at our first hostel, backpacker as they call it. tairua beach villa backpakers. each couple booked a double room, which was a whopping $58 kiwi a night, or $32 us dolla bills. it was quite nice. we basically just slept there and were off to our next destination...

to see pictures from our trip that will knock your socks off, head over here!

Friday, February 27, 2009

new zealand: day 2

started the day off right...with a flat white. no jet lag to speak of...though i was wide awake at 6am which is highly uncharacteristic. [because, really, is it necessary to be up before the clock is on double digits? i think not.] kiwi's are superb hosts/hostesses [is that how you pluralize hostess?]...everywhere we go we receive a warm welcome and are offered tea and biscuits. [if you don't know a word in nz, just throw kiwi in. it refers to many things...the people, the fruit, the money, the bird, etc.] it was quite foggy and a little rainy, so we decided to take a ferry from paihia to russell. we did a little hiking and a little shopping and the sun came out! i got a snazzy dress which i must show you...once i figure out how to wear it. it came with a dvd. seriously. we had some yummy thai for lunch. j decided to retest if he's allergic to shrimp. he is. thank goodness he took a small bite. he made us promise we wouldn't let him try again.

baywatch? flagstaff hill overlooking bay of islands.

once the sun came out, we were off to find a beach. we hiked to our very own private beach. with lots of sea glass. i kept saying to myself [i have lots of conversations in my head], i'm in new zealand. it was so surreal and even more beautiful than i even pictured it would be.

back to the ferris' for dinner. [tom's sister's husband's family. got that?] rack of lamb, stuffed chicken, potatoes & kumara [so yummy], salad, coconut salad, hokey pokey ice cream. [ny, meet hokey pokey ice cream. please?! i want some.] hokey pokey ice cream = vanilla ice cream with pieces of sponge toffee.
we ended the evening in the warm tub on the deck [it wasn't hot.]

view from the deck. ahh new zealand, you had me at hello.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

new zealand: day 1

our first day in new zealand was wonderful and sunny and warmmm! i almost forgot what warm feels like [current ny temp=16]. we got our very first flat white at the airport. flat white = yummy goodness. like a strong latte. and that would be an awesome boysenberry muffin in the background.

we drove along the coast stopping at beaches to walk in the sand and a bakery for meat pies. j's favorite was chicken curry. my fav was vegetarian. we also got a yummy boysenberry tart. we stopped at a fruit stand for some fresh picked plums, apricots and avocado. yummyyy. we drove to paihia and had fish & chips on the beach.

then we were off to our humble abode. you must click and see the views out the windows. un.real. a big huge thank you to the ferris' for the warm welcome and all the yummy food. the first nights meal was grilled steak, lamb sausage, fish, bread, potatoes, salad, and an awesome coconut salad. out on the deck. in warm sunshine. with this view [and super loud cicadas]:

speaking of the nz sun. it's intense. 3/4 of the crew was sunburned the first day. go me for not getting sunburned! yet. [and apparently i'm still on nz time. it's 2am and i'm wide awake. not good.]

on to other important matters....holy bachelor! there's so much to say i don't even know where to start. jesse + holly?! fred + noelle - cute. charlie + sara! and monday cannot come soon enough. abc why, oh why do you do this to me. what's the big secret that no audience can be present for?? and then deanna's coming back. i can hardly handle all this excitement.

Monday, February 23, 2009

new zealand: day 0

running between l.a. airport terminals. the sweaty crew...note the glowing faces.

flight was delayed in buffalo. which led to us missing our chicago connection. which [unknown to us] led to united canceling our new zealand flight [thank you united]. so though we ran and made it just as they were boarding our plane [hence the smiling faces above], they had already given our seats away [then we weren't smiling anymore]. with their wit and good looks, the boys managed to get seats on the next [already full] flight. our seats were all separate on the plane, but the gent next to me switched seats with j so i could snuggle with my honey while we slept soundly through the night on our 12.5 hour flight from l.a. to auckland. i actually did get quite a good nights sleep albeit i woke up frequently and my knees were a bit sore. we left buffalo about 2.30pm friday feb. 6. saturday magically disappeared on the international date line and we arrived in auckland about 7:30am sunday morning feb. 8.

and on to day 1....
[oh wait, just wait til you see j's photos. he's amazing. simply amazing. and mine. all mine.]

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


01. we sat here for 2 hours waiting for police. we're the little red car.
02. this is the car that hit us & the car that him them.
03. this is what i hit my head on. it didn't feel good.

would have rather spent 2 extra hours with them:

good to see you gram & gramps! hope i'm as witty & spry as these 2 when i'm 90!

Monday, February 2, 2009


i [kinda] [not really] watched the game.
what the superbowl's really about...

me watching the superbowl...oh, is my back to the tv?

decorating cups for aj's next party!
and the other reason to watch the favorite commercial: