Monday, February 23, 2009

new zealand: day 0

running between l.a. airport terminals. the sweaty crew...note the glowing faces.

flight was delayed in buffalo. which led to us missing our chicago connection. which [unknown to us] led to united canceling our new zealand flight [thank you united]. so though we ran and made it just as they were boarding our plane [hence the smiling faces above], they had already given our seats away [then we weren't smiling anymore]. with their wit and good looks, the boys managed to get seats on the next [already full] flight. our seats were all separate on the plane, but the gent next to me switched seats with j so i could snuggle with my honey while we slept soundly through the night on our 12.5 hour flight from l.a. to auckland. i actually did get quite a good nights sleep albeit i woke up frequently and my knees were a bit sore. we left buffalo about 2.30pm friday feb. 6. saturday magically disappeared on the international date line and we arrived in auckland about 7:30am sunday morning feb. 8.

and on to day 1....
[oh wait, just wait til you see j's photos. he's amazing. simply amazing. and mine. all mine.]


  1. did you have to run through a parking garage at the LA airport? cuz that's what it looks like.

  2. I finally got to look at your gorgeous photos from NZ; they are amazing. What an amazing trip it must have been! Then I also realized that I haven't seen you since you got back which kind of stinks. I'm sure we'll meet up at a summer she-bang soon. Justin is so talented at the pics and you really are a gifted writer--so entertaining to read your chronicles of Mar-nia. Makes me want to go to NZ soon.