Tuesday, February 24, 2009

new zealand: day 1

our first day in new zealand was wonderful and sunny and warmmm! i almost forgot what warm feels like [current ny temp=16]. we got our very first flat white at the airport. flat white = yummy goodness. like a strong latte. and that would be an awesome boysenberry muffin in the background.

we drove along the coast stopping at beaches to walk in the sand and a bakery for meat pies. j's favorite was chicken curry. my fav was vegetarian. we also got a yummy boysenberry tart. we stopped at a fruit stand for some fresh picked plums, apricots and avocado. yummyyy. we drove to paihia and had fish & chips on the beach.

then we were off to our humble abode. you must click and see the views out the windows. un.real. a big huge thank you to the ferris' for the warm welcome and all the yummy food. the first nights meal was grilled steak, lamb sausage, fish, bread, potatoes, salad, and an awesome coconut salad. out on the deck. in warm sunshine. with this view [and super loud cicadas]:

speaking of the nz sun. it's intense. 3/4 of the crew was sunburned the first day. go me for not getting sunburned! yet. [and apparently i'm still on nz time. it's 2am and i'm wide awake. not good.]

on to other important matters....holy bachelor! there's so much to say i don't even know where to start. jesse + holly?! fred + noelle - cute. charlie + sara! and monday cannot come soon enough. abc why, oh why do you do this to me. what's the big secret that no audience can be present for?? and then deanna's coming back. i can hardly handle all this excitement.


  1. looks so great already. did you guys have so much fun?? i want that coffee. oh man, i remember meat pies and lamb sausage...did you have some vegemite??

  2. WOW, what a view!! Who did you stay with? Whoever they were, it looks like they had a beautiful home!!

  3. I miss it!! I want a Flat White! (Pref from the bakehouse in Paihia) Chop Chop. MMMMMM Meat Pies!! MMMMM Lamb Sausage!! --Vegemite-- Not to bad but you could play quite the joke telling someone its Choco! Love you Babe.

  4. mmm...i think a flat white would feel very good on my poor little sore throat right now.

  5. btw...did you see your won our good apple contest?!? do you want me to mail you the goodies or bring them next time we hang out? let me know!

  6. we tried vegemite AND marmite. umm, how shall i say this...different!