Friday, February 27, 2009

new zealand: day 2

started the day off right...with a flat white. no jet lag to speak of...though i was wide awake at 6am which is highly uncharacteristic. [because, really, is it necessary to be up before the clock is on double digits? i think not.] kiwi's are superb hosts/hostesses [is that how you pluralize hostess?]...everywhere we go we receive a warm welcome and are offered tea and biscuits. [if you don't know a word in nz, just throw kiwi in. it refers to many things...the people, the fruit, the money, the bird, etc.] it was quite foggy and a little rainy, so we decided to take a ferry from paihia to russell. we did a little hiking and a little shopping and the sun came out! i got a snazzy dress which i must show you...once i figure out how to wear it. it came with a dvd. seriously. we had some yummy thai for lunch. j decided to retest if he's allergic to shrimp. he is. thank goodness he took a small bite. he made us promise we wouldn't let him try again.

baywatch? flagstaff hill overlooking bay of islands.

once the sun came out, we were off to find a beach. we hiked to our very own private beach. with lots of sea glass. i kept saying to myself [i have lots of conversations in my head], i'm in new zealand. it was so surreal and even more beautiful than i even pictured it would be.

back to the ferris' for dinner. [tom's sister's husband's family. got that?] rack of lamb, stuffed chicken, potatoes & kumara [so yummy], salad, coconut salad, hokey pokey ice cream. [ny, meet hokey pokey ice cream. please?! i want some.] hokey pokey ice cream = vanilla ice cream with pieces of sponge toffee.
we ended the evening in the warm tub on the deck [it wasn't hot.]

view from the deck. ahh new zealand, you had me at hello.


  1. def a baywatch shot. and i would like some hokey pokey ice cream. that's what it's all about!