Saturday, February 28, 2009

new zealand: day 3

justin ran to the bakehouse and brought me a flat white for breakfast. on our way out of kerikeri we stopped by the ferris' shop. they specialize in slab tables using massive trees, which are absolutely beautiful and amazing. i need want one. we drove to the rain forest to check out the massive kauri trees.

group hug...
it was a drizzly day, which made for a good driving day. so we drove, drove, drove all day. we stopped for dinner in a town where we didn't feel a warm welcome. we walked in a restaurant and i'm pretty sure we were rejected. we stood there for awhile before we were even acknowledged. finally the hostess came up and said, 'um i'm sorry we're full.' hm - no option to wait apparently? we asked if she could suggest anywhere else in town. 'no.' so we made like a banana and split. as we were driving out we saw a flashing takeaway sign and stopped. for dinner we had burgers with beets and potato wedges. that's right, they put beets on their burgers. the lady at the takeaway restaurant was very kind. she even gave us free tomato sauce. i bet the rejecto restaurant wouldn't have given us free tomato suace. which brings me to another important point. there's no ketchup in new zealand.
how's one to eat a veggie burger with no ketchup?? with a beet i suppose. and some tomato sauce. but i'll admit it, i missed ketchup in nz.
we arrived at our first hostel, backpacker as they call it. tairua beach villa backpakers. each couple booked a double room, which was a whopping $58 kiwi a night, or $32 us dolla bills. it was quite nice. we basically just slept there and were off to our next destination...

to see pictures from our trip that will knock your socks off, head over here!


  1. awesome, i didn't see that first picture in your slide show last week, love it!
    good thing for you they served veggie burgers at the burger joint.
    i'm not sure linco bean could handle being in ketchup?!

  2. i love the last pic of this post. the colors are just reminds me of a dalring little apartment. much cuter than the hostel i stayed in.

  3. What AMAZING pictures!!! You must've had a wonderful time!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. um, in the first picture i did a double take b/c it looked like you were walking with your shirt off...

  5. i do prefer to walk through the rainforest shirtless....