Tuesday, February 3, 2009


01. we sat here for 2 hours waiting for police. we're the little red car.
02. this is the car that hit us & the car that him them.
03. this is what i hit my head on. it didn't feel good.

would have rather spent 2 extra hours with them:

good to see you gram & gramps! hope i'm as witty & spry as these 2 when i'm 90!


  1. cutest picture ever with gram & gramps! i want to go down and see them. but not get whiplash.

  2. glad you're ok! isn't it such a tease to get a taste of sunshine and then come back to snow?! luckily you get another taste again real soon. have so much fun in nz!!!

  3. yikes, glad you guys are okay!