Wednesday, March 25, 2009

new zealand: day 13

we fly from christchurch to auckland. it's warm & rainy in auckland. we have about 7 hours before our plane leaves for the US of A, so we rent a car for the day. we head to an italian restaurant we googled, which turns out to be fancy smancy [good thing our dolla is twice theirs]. we have bread with olive oil dip for an appetizer and the olive oil is sooo yummy. worth the trip just for the o.o. because really the lunch wasn't that special. then we're off to shop auckland. j would love this lens [his bday's in a month, you could buy it for him]:

i eat one last hokey pokey ice cream before we leave new zealand. we see quite a few people sporting iron maiden gear. when we arrive at the airport we see this:

rad, huh?
we have a long night ahead. 11.5 hours to be exact. a night of tossing & turning. airplane meals. sore knees [am i getting old, or what? apparently my legs don't prefer to be bent allll night]. babies crying. food carts bumping elbows. people coughing.
it actually wasn't that bad. although i must say thank goodness for headphones + sleep masks. upon arrival at the la airport we had a very exciting celebrity sighting. little miss mary-kate olsen! i didn't even believe it was her. i googled it when i got home. [cause honestly, google doesn't lie.]

when i wasn't celebrity sighting, i passed time like this:

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  1. Hey Marla.
    Awesome pics all the way down, I just scrolled through your entire vacation. I noticed that the sky is really gorgeous in many of the pics.
    I'm glad you stopped in over at jubbyplace, because it reminded me to come over here, and then I got to see your pics. It worked out for me.