Tuesday, March 3, 2009

new zealand: day 4

walked downtown tairua to get [you guessed it] a flat white for breakfast. a beautiful walk along the bay. bought some groceries and had toast and manuka honey on the deck at our backpackers. drove to cathedral cove to get our beach on. it was about a 45 minute hike down to the beach. the temp was approximately 85 degrees. it was a hot hike. the cicadas were deafening.

cathedral cove is pretty much the most perfectest beach you can imagine.
..white sand
..blue-green crystal clear water
..massive rocks
..amazing views.
..perfect, i tell you.

factoid: you may recognize this beach from the chronicles of narnia.
we went for a swim to cool off after our sweaty hike. we were having a grand time splashing around in the waves when i saw a shadow lurking below. i was all,
"is that a stingray?!"
jenna & i didn't wait around for an answer, we booked it to the beach. i just about had a heart attack as i was swimming to shore because i saw my shadow underneath me and was pretty sure a stingray was stalking below, ready to eat me. thankfully there was no stingray following me to shore, but we fo sho swam with a stingray. the boys didn't even get out of the water! such manly men.
then we were off to hot water beach. volcanoes have created hot water reservoirs underground, as hot as 147 degrees. simply dig a hole in the sand and you have a natural thermal hot spring to sit in. a pool of steaming hot water sounds fantastic when you're sitting in ny and the temp is 15 degrees. after hiking in 85 degrees, it wasn't quite as enticing. note the cape...i was being very careful not to get sunburned...perhaps i should have had the towel on my legs. i totally toasted my legs. as in i literally could not fully straighten my left leg for 3 days because the back of my knee was burned so badly. go me.

i did get some great shots of j surfing while my legs were sizzling in the new zealand sun.

i sure love my surfer boy.

p.s.: you know how you need to count to 10 when you're angry. i think i need another day to forgive the bachelor before i comment...


  1. your trip is amazing! what a wonderful experience. love love love your daily accounts. keep them coming.

    on another note...the bachelor...i don't even know where to begin. i'm eager to hear what you have to say...

  2. lol, i've been waiting to read your opinion on the bachelor. it's all over yahoo when i sign in.

    that beach looks AMAZING.

    um, have you ever heard the account of when jeremy & doug thought they saw a shark in the ocean???

  3. the first pic of the 4 you, justin's expression made me do my cough-laugh.
    cool pic of justin surfin, didn't see that one before.