Wednesday, March 4, 2009

new zealand: day 5

in order to save $100 kiwi, our rental car had to be returned by 9:18am. rotorua is known for geothermal activity, so we couldn't leave town without checking out some of that action. especially since we had to smell the sulfur all night. on our way to the airport we stopped by kuirau park. there were bubbling mud pools, hot springs, and gas and steam upflows. it was quite fascinating, though i was a bit concerned that there was a school & playground right next to one of the bubbling mud pools. in 2001 there was a huge mud eruption, which covered the entire area....oh, let's have the children play here!

this one is just us steaming...
i had an amazing flat white [you didn't think i'd go a day without one, did you?] at the airport cafe and a yummy boysenberry muffin. it was super foggy & our plane left about 30 minutes late. we flew from rotorua to christchurch. the weather was rainy and much chillier in the south. drove to lake tekapo where we had some amazing pizza for dinner and found ourselves at a fancy smancy resort for $70 whole us dollars.

we still had clothes everywhere...
lake tekapo was absolutely breathtaking. the water was the most amazing turquoise you can imagine. it was unreal.

sooo...about that bachelor. to be honest, i'm totally disgusted. if you are so totally torn between 2 people one day, why in sam hill would you propose to one the next day?? he could have just chose one to see how things went in this little thing we call real life. and the way he rationalizes things - 'i had to go with my heart' or, my favorite, 'i can't help how i feel'. that just makes me want to spit. so apparently, if you feel like punching someone in the face, go for it - we can't help how we feel. feel like going to the grocery store neked? go for it - can't help how you feel. jason says so. and don't even get me started on molly's immediate forgiveness of his actions. she basically jumped in his lap. he even walked out holding her hand in the air, as if to say i won! blech. tisk, tisk molly. on the brighter side, jillian's the next bachelorette! [ohhh, here i go again]


  1. I just love your blogs Mar!!!! Sorry Justin she puts it all together so well. Yea the bachelor really threw me for a loop, what in the heck was he thinking?? He made a total fool of himself and poor little Melissa too. I looooove the pictures of your trip, so does everyone in my office.Love you Mar

  2. you're the best! you're like my #1 fan.

  3. hey, what about me?? what am i chopped-liver?
    me too, me too on the bach.