Thursday, March 5, 2009

new zealand: day 6

now that we're in the southland, j starts every morning off fishing. i still just start every morning off with a flat white. we walked around lake tekapo some more to take in more turquoise awesomeness.

when we arrived on the south island and went to pick up our rental, the salesperson said, well it's the last one i've got. so we were thinking it would be really good or really bad. it wasn't really good. we affectionately called her crackhead carina. she had over 75,000 miles. when we passed cars, we would rock to try to give a little umph because she had no pickup. j pulled the drink holder out, and the entire compartment fell right out. the breaks were a little iffy, which wasn't very reassuring on the many steep hills and curvy windy roads.

but she never died on us. we had to make it to te anau for our early departure to milford sound, so there was lots & lots of driving. the scenery was breathtaking and just kept getting better. when we arrivied to our backpackers, our double was actually the cutest little a-frame you ever did see. the sky was a luminous blue night sky with never ending twinkling stars.

today: summerrrr! ok, so maybe it was just 48 and sunny. but it gave me thoughts of summer. and felt so very nice and warm. i went for a walk with my favorite guy. splendid. speaking of my favorite guy...he's amazing. he's an incredibly talented graphic designer. think i'm just biased? looky here! congrats friend.


  1. i love that last picture. but i'm still so mad that you didn't take any pictures of the inside!

  2. i was totally hoping for inside pictures too - do you have any???

  3. no inside sorry! i dont know what we were thinking.