Monday, March 9, 2009

new zealand: day 8

we head downtown te anau for some breakfast. we find a bakehouse and j + i order blueberry muffins [and a flat white, of course, don't be silly]. the blueberry muffin is totally awesomely amazing. like the best blueberry muffin i have ever eaten. we stop by a stream so my man can do some fishing.

i have a big crush on him.
we head to queenstown for some shopping + some dinner.

tomato pesto feta tart thingy. so yummmy. if you make me this for dinner i will be your best friend. we proceed to find the worlds windiest road [while crackhead carina groans] and head to wanaka to stay with tom's friends. j shows off his driving skillz and narrowly misses hitting a hedgehog immediately followed by narrowly missing a hare. that's my man. we arrive late to wanaka, but receive a very warm welcome along with yummy tea and biscuits. our hosts are cate + nick [and their sweet baby hugo]. nick asks where we are from.
us: buffalo, ny.
n: oh, where the plane just crashed?
us: oh, no - that was nyc [thinking of the hudson crash, which was all over the news when we left]
n: no, the plane that just crashed in buffalo
us: say wha??!
n: here, it's in the [new zealand] newspaper
us: clarence?! that's like 25 min from our house. yikers. [thinking about the 4 planes + 18 hours of flying we have yet to do]
nevertheless we have a wonderful evening conversing with our new friends.

p.s. i ate doritos and gouda cheese for lunch today. healthy, right?
p.p.s. while we're on food confessions: we have nearly finished a [large] bag of cadbury mini eggs and easter is still over a month away. not good. at this rate, we'll have about 3 more [large] bags down by easter.


  1. Simply divine. (Should I tell you that they also make them during the Christmas season now?) I'm not even kidding, I think I could keep eating them until I physically exploded.

  2. it looks like j is taking a pee in that picture.
    we so, so need to make a version of the tomato pesto tart thingy. and i'm a little offended at how easily i can be replaced. i'm just saying...
    their baby's name is hugo?! so cute!! i want doritos, and i never eat them.