Tuesday, March 10, 2009

new zealand: day 9

we wake up to great views in our cute wanaka home.

tea and toast for breakfast. with honey or vegemite. i choose honey. run to town for a little shopping...and guess what else? yup, you guessed it. over our flat whites, we look up a hike to...hike. then we were off to conquer mount roy.

as soon as we started, i started thinking thoughts like; 'hm, why do i do this to myself.' and 'self, you're very out of shape, why don't you exercise more?' and 'maybe i could just lay down right here and roll back to the car.'
the cool thing about this hike is there were no trees on the mountain, so we had amazing views the entire hike. although it was also the most frustrating thing because i kept thinking, peak - why aren't you getting closer? it was also quite hot & we were nervous about running out of water. [when will we learn, right leeko?!]

when we finally, finally made it to the top, the view was spectacular! it's quite exhilarating to reach a summit like that. we later learned mount roy is 5,177 feet. that's a lot of steps.

on top of the world with my best friend.
little did we know the most painful part was yet to come. it was so very steep. and the descent was so very painful. because it was so steep, i just wanted to run all the way down. so i did.

i did have a little spill. cause did i mention my legs were tired? those poor little legs just wanted to collapse. and they did...at least jenna said the fall was graceful.

the thing that kept me going was thinking about hokey pokey ice cream when we got home. mmm.


  1. oh man, i was hoping we'd get to see the fall on video!

  2. fun! do you guys plan to go back? b/c it sounds like you loved it so much!! justin and i were talking about dates to hang out the other night on fb and nothing was working...maybe we'll plan a dinner/craft/adventure after their camping trip weekend.

  3. oh my word - i seriously love that profile pic of you. i'm debating putting it as my desktop background, but that could be a little weird. especially if one of my students asks about it...

  4. haa! just do it. i've showed linc pics of you & asked who it was & he said, 'marmo!' just pretend it's you. no one will ever know...