Thursday, April 16, 2009


how to surprise your sweet hub:
lies, lies and more lies.
i hate secrets. whatever [ridiculous] thing pops into my head comes right out the mouth. why would i torture myself by throwing a surprise birthday party? well...i do love a good surprise. and i am pretty sneaky. j thought lyx & i had a 'surprise' double date planned for the evening for him and andy. i found the most perfectest dress on ebay. it came all the way from ireland! when i came down in my snazzy dress & lyx in her cute red & black wool coat, i noted the theme for the evening was red & black. because i'm weird cool like that, j thought nothing of it. when we arrived he was very surprised. like i said i'm sneaky.
mand made rad invites. j was proud.

a good party must include favorite foods of the guest of honor.
for j this means red velvet cupcakes [mand makes the best], homemade chex mix, homemade caramel corn, mand's chocolate chip cookies.

party theme: roadkill. and roadkill they brought. sick nasty.
need some explaining? ok. j likes to collect all sorts of grody things to tie flies for fly fishing. see, we're not totally sicko.

lyx's totally amazing million dollar cheesecake.
[actually hundred but i'd say it's worth a mil]

turns out it's super hard for me to NOT smile.
this is me trying to keep a straight face:
[like after 4 failed attempts]

weirdo problemo: [we were imitating the deer. obviously.]

see where we get it from?? i love these ladies!
and i totally love the red + black! i love matchy.

tanks to everyone who came out for the party! twas splendid.

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