Thursday, April 23, 2009

...april 23...

30 years ago God created this guy with me in mind.

i so adore him.

11 years ago i met this super cute guy with a sweet mxpx shirt on.

he made all my dreams come true.

1 year ago we celebrated his birthday in ireland.

he makes me laugh every single day.

10 years ago i moved to florida where j was in a band.

i'm still his #1 fan.
happy birthday love.


  1. so cute!!! happy birthday, justin!

  2. Ahhhh man, ya'll looked so young back then, you're still the most beautiful couple in the entire world!!!!! Im so blessed to have Justin as my son and Mar as my daughter. A Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!!! Love you bunches!!!!

  3. You guys are just too cute!!

    Hey, I just heard the news on the radio about Relevant Worship opening for Casting Crowns in Syracuse. How awesome is that!!!!

    Happy Birthday Justin and congratulations to Relevant Worship!!

  4. picture #2 and #4 - so totally rad. you must have had an awesome photog!!

    happy birthday jo-jo!