Monday, April 20, 2009

...three bean cool...

i'm pretty old school. i don't own one of those ipod gadgets. someone makes fun of me when i listen to hit music stations. so today in my car i pulled out the old cd case and grabbed a mixed cd mandy made for me many moons ago.
i got to wondering if kids these days even know the magnificence that is the mixed cd? or do they just put the ipod on shuffle? cause it's totally not the same. anyways it brought back all sorts of fantastic memories. i love how music can pick you up and drop you into your life 10 years ago. it's magic.
all the sudden i'm in the back of a 1985 saab singing at the top of my lungs, "we aint got no place to go so lets go to the punk rock show!" not a care in the world. totally and completely loving life.
the cd is full of songs only a select few would appreciate. such as first date by blink 182, gimme a chance by ghoti hook, in memory by craig's brother, holiday by unwritten law, etc.
good times friends. good times. tanks for the cd mand!


  1. oh no you didn't!!! such a ridiculous picture. and what about mixed tapes?!! i wonder if i still have any? (probably not since i have such a zest for throwing things out). and it's old school to have cds??! shoot, i'z so out of touch.
    and even though this comment is ridiculously long already, i must share where the title of that cd came from. saves the day has an album called through being cool and when cera was telling me what it was called, i thought she said, three bean cool. which made sense in my head, because, you know, gramma makes a three bean salad...and that's pretty cool. what??!! haaaa!! i'm ridiculous. and use the word ridiculous too much.

  2. for sure!! mix cds are the bomb, not to mention the few mix tapes i still have floating around somewhere. come to think of it, i'm pretty sure i still have the mxpx tape that manda made for me!!

    who doesn't <3 michael herrera?!

  3. love that music!
    i remember getting mix tapes/CD's all the time.
    just listened to one with Ghoti Hook, Goldfinger and ValuPac.