Tuesday, May 26, 2009

flowers + family.

my memorial weekend was full of flowers and family. andy & gingy came home for the weekend. it's always wonderful to see those two friendly faces. we also enjoyed a grimm bonfire. uncle bob had his memorial day party in his picture perfect yard [i did a horrible job taking pictures, here's a stolen one from heather].

we did looooots of yard work. a big HUGE tanks to mooms and pops who are great helpers! yard work is way better when you do it with friends. we also went over to sweethome [their new house] to give them a hand. we still owe some more time. i do go to help, not just to steal flowers...

speaking of the new house...check out this amazing house for sale:

wanna buy it? [click photo for listing info]

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  1. i like your flower pictures. when is it work on my yard day??