Friday, June 26, 2009

foodie friday!!!

i know you have been holding your breath all week to find out what my fab friday surprise is. friends, i introduce to you foodie friday. i like food. a lot. i think about food, i dream about food, i get excited about food, i plan vacations around food. [don't laugh, i'm serious.] foodie friday may feature recipes, local restaurants, vacation finds, etc. it's only appropriate to start foodie friday with one of my favorite foods.
fresh homemade donuts!

oram's donuts is located in beaver falls, pa where andy + lyndsay reside. [i promise i go to b.f. to visit the grimm's not the donuts.] the frosting on these donuts is totally amazing. and i think the cinnamon rolls are bigger than my head. batavia is lacking in the bakery department. if you make awesome donuts, would you please open a donut shop for me? i bet i could keep you in business.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


we had a family grill-out [craigy's home!] at mooms & pops new home, affectionately referred to as sweethome. the weather was perfect. a cool breeze was blowing. the sun shining on the field behind the house as we sat at the picnic table shaded by the huge curly willow tree. after dinner we played some cornhole. we gathered our chairs to watch the moon flowers open at dusk [magic!] then we gathered the chairs around the bonfire [we actually burned the stump of a tree that had been cut down, which i found to be brilliant. i'm sure folks do it all the time. i never woulda thought of it.] we had smores. if we were cool like martha, we would have used star-topped s'more sticks. but i used my telescoping [that's right. eat it martha] marshmallow fork instead. there were fireflies in the field. i could hear frogs singing [do frogs sing?] at the pond down the road. i saw a shooting star. hello summer.
[special friday surprise coming tomorrow! woot woot.]

Monday, June 22, 2009

:: signs of summer ::

after a rather cool [as in chilly, not rad] start to june, signs of summer are abounding and

i'm having thoughts of camping + campfires. shooting stars + fireflies. cookouts + grilled pita pizzas. long walks + ice cream. hope you can stay awhile summer.
[i also love my photographer. he's sweet.]
[stay tuned for a little surprise coming friday...ohh the suspense.]

Monday, June 15, 2009

we are the body.

relevant had a great show with casting crowns thursday.

the humble theater.

the relevants. [they rock. and roll.]

the crowns.

the ladies. [what we do in the dressing room.]

the super strong. [we also do this in the dressing room.]

the rock star & his wife. [it rained really hard on my hair right before the show.]

If we are the body
Why aren't His arms reaching
Why aren't His hands healing
Why aren't His words teaching
And if we are the body
Why aren't His feet going
Why is His love not showing them there is a way

Jesus is the way

Saturday, June 13, 2009

look at this.

the photographer + his assistant. [they're in love.]
see wedding photos that will rock your socks off right here!
j + i recently got a new bed. [have i mentioned how much i loooove to be in bed. it's like my favorite place in the world. seriously. more on that later. it deserves a whole post. seriously.] so i'm on the hunt for some new bedding. here's some i've been drooling over looking at:

decisions, decisions.
happy 33rd anniversary mooms + pops!
and happy weekend!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

rainbow sprinkles.

some days ice cream is necessary.
there's 1 day in particular each month. [know what i mean ladies?]
this month it included rainbow sprinkles.

speaking of rainbow sprinkles...
june 5 is national doughnut day! my kinda day.
buy a drink, get a free doughnut at dunkin donuts!

love note not included.

Monday, June 1, 2009


mooms, you are one cool cat. [there's another cool cat on the porch.]

here are some flowers for you.
oh wait...i stole these from your house.

perhaps i could come help finish hanging the wallpaper...

happy, happy birthday!