Friday, June 26, 2009

foodie friday!!!

i know you have been holding your breath all week to find out what my fab friday surprise is. friends, i introduce to you foodie friday. i like food. a lot. i think about food, i dream about food, i get excited about food, i plan vacations around food. [don't laugh, i'm serious.] foodie friday may feature recipes, local restaurants, vacation finds, etc. it's only appropriate to start foodie friday with one of my favorite foods.
fresh homemade donuts!

oram's donuts is located in beaver falls, pa where andy + lyndsay reside. [i promise i go to b.f. to visit the grimm's not the donuts.] the frosting on these donuts is totally amazing. and i think the cinnamon rolls are bigger than my head. batavia is lacking in the bakery department. if you make awesome donuts, would you please open a donut shop for me? i bet i could keep you in business.


  1. yay for foodie friday!

    I love food, too, Marla!

    What I want to know is how you stay so thin if you love food so much????


  2. for real. it's not fair, we share the same genes and yet look at me!!

    i'll take that last comment as i need to learn to make donuts as big as your head.

    i am excited about foodie fridays!

    i guess i should say i'm "reellay" excited as that is my v. word.