Saturday, June 13, 2009

look at this.

the photographer + his assistant. [they're in love.]
see wedding photos that will rock your socks off right here!
j + i recently got a new bed. [have i mentioned how much i loooove to be in bed. it's like my favorite place in the world. seriously. more on that later. it deserves a whole post. seriously.] so i'm on the hunt for some new bedding. here's some i've been drooling over looking at:

decisions, decisions.
happy 33rd anniversary mooms + pops!
and happy weekend!


  1. um - do i recognize some of that bedding from anthropologie? the most amazing store ever??

  2. Georgeous photos! Where was J when we got married?

    Oh, yeah, probably still in high school! :-)
    hee hee

    The photo of the two of you is so cute!


  3. love that picture.

    that bed is super cute. it would look good in a cottage. maybe mine. or my guest room/cai's room.