Monday, June 22, 2009

:: signs of summer ::

after a rather cool [as in chilly, not rad] start to june, signs of summer are abounding and

i'm having thoughts of camping + campfires. shooting stars + fireflies. cookouts + grilled pita pizzas. long walks + ice cream. hope you can stay awhile summer.
[i also love my photographer. he's sweet.]
[stay tuned for a little surprise coming friday...ohh the suspense.]


  1. i too am excited about the summer signs. hooray for summer! the best season of alllll.

    i'm curious about the friday surprise! are you surprising me at work with manda's amazing cookies? or heather's peanut butter bars? or that fried corn that you and j talk about. you know how food gets me through the day. heheheheh...

  2. haa...victoria, you're great!!'re killing me with the friday suspense. not nice. i'm your sister, i should get to find out sooner, right?

    i have to admit, i am not looking forward to summer heat. i like coolness. (and radness).