Thursday, June 25, 2009


we had a family grill-out [craigy's home!] at mooms & pops new home, affectionately referred to as sweethome. the weather was perfect. a cool breeze was blowing. the sun shining on the field behind the house as we sat at the picnic table shaded by the huge curly willow tree. after dinner we played some cornhole. we gathered our chairs to watch the moon flowers open at dusk [magic!] then we gathered the chairs around the bonfire [we actually burned the stump of a tree that had been cut down, which i found to be brilliant. i'm sure folks do it all the time. i never woulda thought of it.] we had smores. if we were cool like martha, we would have used star-topped s'more sticks. but i used my telescoping [that's right. eat it martha] marshmallow fork instead. there were fireflies in the field. i could hear frogs singing [do frogs sing?] at the pond down the road. i saw a shooting star. hello summer.
[special friday surprise coming tomorrow! woot woot.]


  1. awesome, are we going to make the star-topped s'more sticks?!

    it's friday...i'm waiting...