Wednesday, July 1, 2009

for the love of little things.

on our recent visit to b.f. [to visit the grimms, not the donuts] we did some shopping in pixburgh [aka pittsburgh]. i saw these adorable le creuset mini cocottes.

see, adorable!
in my frugality i decided against buying them. because really, how often could i really use them. well today i came across this:

lyx, i'll be back shortly. this time i'll get some donuts and some mini cocottes.


  1. how could you pass up something so cute?! i'll go down with you. to see lyx of course. not for the donuts. or to get myself some adorable mini cocottes.

  2. Thats what im taking about, so cute, how could you not bring them home??!! Who really cares if you use them,just looking at them puts a smile on your face, ha!! ha!! My motto, "when in doubt, just buy it".