Friday, August 21, 2009

foodie friday!!!

foodie friday must have 3 exclamation points after it. because it's very exciting. i'm sure the suspense has been killing you all week because i dropped a hint. friends today i would like to bring you to inlet, ny where mountains and memories meet. [that's what their website says. i'm not that clever.] i have been traveling to inlet since i called magazines mazagines. [ok, maybe i still do sometimes. it's a tricky word.] i have lots of wonderful family camping memories. more recently this has come to include memories of amazing food. western ny has awesome pizza. in batavia i believe we have approximately 1 pizzeria per person. my point is i know good pizza. and good pizza can be found at the screamin eagle in inlet. and good blue cheese, which is essential when eating pizza.

they also have excellent chicken wings.

j and i have been known to plan trips around restaurants. my next feature is somewhere that we have definitely driven many, many miles to reach. and it's worth every mile. matter of fact i would consider a trip to inlet from batavia for these donuts. you know i love a good donut. these are the
in the world.
actually in the universe.
they don't even have donuts this good on the moon.

mary's bakery may be described as a hole in the wall. you wouldn't necessarily notice it driving by. the sign is handwritten. [actually when my photographer returns home, i'll add a couple more photos. you must see the handwritten sign.] *edit: photos added. i really can't choose my favorite because it's a tie. maple frosted and cinnamon fry cake. i must have both every time we go. i'm secretly planning my next trip to inlet right now because i'm thinking about these donuts now...


  1. Don't make it to secret! I want to go! What are you doing this morning? Hungry? I'll grab the keys.

  2. i'm planning my next trip. hey, maybe we should plan this trip together!!
    fullerino's right here in tiny little byron has pretty good blue cheese. which i'm actually going to start buying by the jarful from them.
    must learn to make donuts like mary!!!

  3. I looooove Mary's doughnuts!!!!! The maple ones are the bomb!!!!!!!

  4. i was just thinking today about the BEST chicken finger subs, at a little grocery mart down by Houghton. i must go there soon. yum!