Friday, August 28, 2009

foodie friday!!!

today is an ode to mand's peanut butter cookies.
round & moist.
chocolate & peanut butter.
yummy & perfect.
eat too many & fat belly.
ok, maybe that's not a good seller. but it's true. i always eat too many. i can't help it. these are possibly the
no recipe today. top secret. [right mand?] i just made that up, but i think she should keep it top secret. [edit: secrets out, click link above for cookies that will change your life!] i doubt anyone could make them as good as mand anyways cause she's a pretty amazing baker. you'll just have to invite her to your party to try these amazing puppies. [is it weird to call cookies 'puppies'?]
for some amazing recipes check out mand's blog!


  1. sweet bliss.
    these would be a perfect housewarming gift to someone who just had to move to a new apartment because of opossums in her old apartment. do we know anyone like that?????

  2. I must say,
    These fall 2nd to her Choco Chip Cookies!
    my .02

  3. who doesn't call cookies puppies?!

  4. Secret sauce for sweet potato fries? I. Must. Have. It.

    Won't you share, pretty please?