Monday, August 17, 2009

..wright peak..

so i'm still trying to catch up on july's happenings...
these two lovebirds got a leanto on heart lake...

this was our first visit to the loj and we really enjoyed heart lake.

we decided to hike wright peak.
it was a rather warm day. this mountain stream was totally refreshing.

the trail was pretty steep. sometimes i stopped to take in the views.

when we got to the top we took in the views too. when the black flies weren't eating us.

we had our lunch. notice the yarn holding my gaiter on...handy.

i may have sent an email from the summit...

a plane crashed on wright in 1962. we found many remains.

this is our fresh-faced end-of-the-hike look...
[really i'm just thinking about dinner.]

dinnerrr! this place had amazing bbq sauce made with real maple syrup. so yummy.

also on the hike we were craving...

so we got one.
when we got back we had a nice big fire.

did you know i'm a professional marshmallow toaster? it's true.

the next morning we made our favorite camp breakfast. and camp coffee, of course.

we went out for a paddle on heart lake.

this guy was trying to splash me. see the look in his eye...

the next night we got a site closer to inlet because there's lots of yummy food there.

i'll save the details for foodie friday...


  1. Hey Marlita, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!! Looks like ya'll had a great trip. Sure would love to see ya'll, miss ya!!!!!!

  2. i heart your paddle. and i'm not sure why i love it so much.

  3. looks like fun trip!! um, that one pic with both of you by the fire - are you wearing headlamps?? you guys look a little bit like aliens...

  4. looks like a fun trip! we're headed up there in a week! can't wait :) glad you guys liked heart lake and the loj. we love that spot. hope to c u soon!

  5. or maybe we're really aliens...

  6. I'm glad I was such a great mentor and instructor in your development as a professional marshmallow roaster. XO Mom

  7. it's true mooms, my mad mallow roasting skills came straight from you. tanks!