Wednesday, September 30, 2009

america's best idea.

all week pbs is running a series on america's national parks.
it's on each night at 8pm.
you must watch it.
i absolutely love it.
i officially want to visit every national park. also...
i officially want to read everything written by john muir.
there are so many amazing places in the u.s. i didn't know about.
here's a wallpaper i found on pbs...

Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.
- John Muir

Monday, September 28, 2009


went to a knitting class with mooms tonight.
i like that my mom taught me to knit.
don't moms know how do do everything?
i'm pretty sure mine does.
glad i have such a nifty and fun mom.
i sure appreciate her.

Friday, September 25, 2009

purple and yellow.

love this time of year.
i'm eating lots of apples [thanks uncle rog!].
i'm enjoying changing colors.
i'm planning for some fall camping.
i'm thinking about pumpkins and candy corn.
it looks like this around here:

i have my flowers picked and i'm ready for the weekend!
[j picked the flowers in the back. he brings me home fresh picked flowers all the time. just another reason he's a great catch.]

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


he is incredibly thoughtful.
he has a great sense of humor.
he has amazing brown eyes with long eyelashes.
he is tremendously creative.
he is a great musician.
he always has a pick in his pocket.
he has adorable dimples when he smiles.
he talks in his sleep.
he takes stunning photographs.
he makes me laugh every day.
he makes my world go round.
he is my husband of 9 years.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

favorite thing: suitcase

see my rad suitcase...

i found it at an estate sale.
and i adore it.
wanna know the best part?
it has my love's initials.

rad, huh?

photos by jalexander.

Friday, September 18, 2009

foodie friday!!!

crisp late-summer evenings are just right for grilling out. i was in the mood for a veggie cowboy burger. we j grilled the spicy black bean burgers & gave them a lovely bbq glaze. we added cheddar jack cheese and caramelized onions. and then butter toasted the buns. so. so. yummy. oven baked sweet potato fries and grilled sweet corn were perfect companions for the veggie cowboy burgers.

veggie cowboy burgers
butter toasted buns
spicy black bean burgers
bbq sauce
cheddar jack cheese
caramelized onions

secret sauce for sweet potato fries [for steph!]
ranch dressing
sour cream
hot sauce
cayenne pepper
[i make this to taste so i have no measurements]

happy weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

wild kingdom

how totally amazing are these hooks?!
i would like all 4 of them.
and the sly fox doorknocker.
and perhaps the roaring doorknob.
my anniversary is next week.
i'm just saying.

... found at the one + only, anthro

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

weddings and bobcats.

my cousin gretchen had a beautiful wedding on lake erie. it was a lovely day. see the puffy clouds? and look how cute gram is:

it was a bit windy...

mand and i scored amazing vintage dresses for the wedding.
both of our dresses had pockets! that's a major score.

mand, why didn't you tell me to put my hand in my pocket?!
weddings call for freshly painted toenails.

gretchen pulled up to the ceremony in this lovely.
see the 2 crazy girlies peeking...

the cute couple and their vw.

the excitement didn't end with the wedding. since we were half way there, mand + i drove to beaver falls, pa to spend the night with lyx! one last pit stop and we were off...

haa. i love my seester.
as mand + i neared b.f., the roads got windier and narrower [as pa roads do.] we were coming around a bend when out of nowhere an animal ran in front of our car. another car was coming head on and there was no shoulder to speak of [because we were on a pa road], so we had nowhere to go. lucky for us [and him] the animal ran across the road with such lightening speed, we missed hitting it. narrowly. as in i saw it under the bumper. and i have no clue how we didn't hit it. mand + i both did our famous gasp [our hubs love it when we do that in the car].
"what was that?", i asked. slowly. with both hands still clasped over my mouth. [important details. i'm still getting mocked for that.]
after carefully considering the speed, size and color we determined it was a bobcat. a bobcat!
we had a wonderful visit with lyx. we talked. we laughed. we ate yummy food. we laughed til we cried. i so love my sisters. i won't name any names but my favorite quote of the weekend was, 'i don't usually burp loud enough that it's edible.' [that required a mini break just to write that because i couldn't stop laughing just thinking about it.]
i broke andy's rules and put my mug right on the warmer to get nice hot coffee. i'm such a coffee rebel. there's not much i won't do for a good hot cup of coffee.

of course we ate orams.

we also experienced an exciting moment in the grimm garden. the 1st pepper! i also learned if you leave a green pepper on the plant it becomes a red pepper. who knew.

love you sisters.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

wake up call.

why? why, construction man, do you jackhammer right outside my bedroom window at 7am on saturday morning? my designated sleep-in day. i get all giddy friday night just thinking about the many hours of sleep that lay ahead. not today. me & you, construction man, we're up at 7am. [j slept soundly through the jackhammering.]

found this beauty at a yard sale today. i got the lady's phone number. should i call & see if it's still there? it would [pretty much] fit in my kitchen.

Friday, September 11, 2009

foodie friday!!!

this amazing gourmet salad makes a wonderful lunch.
a bed of romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, walnuts, dried cherries, goat's cheese. that's right goat's cheese. it's creamy and yummy and amazing. i also enjoy the poppy seed dressing.
any guesses where you might find this gourmet salad?
target. yes, target. four dolla bills and it's definitely large enough for 2 meals.
so go get yourself a california salad from target. you can thank me later.
happy weekend.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


[ok so it's the day after but it's too cool to skip.]
niner random notes:

01. Relevant Worship will be recording a live DVD and would like YOU to be a part of it! The event will take place Friday, September 25th, 6:30pm at the Town Ballroom [681 Main Street, Buffalo]. Come be a part of the fun live concert. Tickets are $5 pre-sale or $10 at the door. This will absolutely be a night to remember. We hope to see you there!

02. i had to get groceries today & i had a $5 off coupon if you spent $50. i thought to myself, gee i don't think i need $50 worth of groceries, i'll just have to stock up. my bill came to $93 before coupons. haa. [$69 after coupons - woot, woot.]

03. i almost parked in the road when i got home because i forgot about my snazzy new driveway.

04. i picked cherry tomatoes and basil out of my garden and made this for lunch [drizzled with homemade italian dressing of course]:

05. i hate the smell of bubble gum. i have a rule that j cannot chew it around me. mand brought j some bubble gum, it came with these instructions:

i appreciate her thoughtfulness.

06. i bought some buttery salt & cracked pepper popcorn today. i'm going to try it tonight.

07. j found pictures of our house before we bought it. i must do a before & after series.

08. i wish i could braid my hair like this:

09. i scored this mug at a yard sale for 0.25! it's currently my favorite mug.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

if you want to be happy, be.

today i am particularly happy because of the following things...

i [finally] have a driveway! that makes me happy. it's been weeks since i could park my car in my driveway so this is very exciting. also, if you ever had the privilege of bottoming out on our old driveway, you will be glad to see how gradual and lovely and long our new driveway is!

jake. he always makes me smile. see how happy he is to see me?
he's thinking...

my mom stopped by just to drop off a pumpkin spice latte [it's that time of year!]. that makes me happy. i'm thinking... - my photographer is out of town. lyx mentioned this editing site & i decided to give it a try. i think it's neat-o! pretty pictures make me happy. you know how if you say a word too many times it starts to sound weird and then you wonder if it's really a word? [no?] well, it happens to me. and now i'm starting to ask myself, 'happy is a word, right?!'

speaking of my photographer you must, MUST look at some of his latest photos here... this is anthony proposing to allison. isn't it totally adorable? this picture makes me happy.

if you'd like pictures of you or or loved ones that will knock your socks off, i suggest you hire him. after all, one picture is worth ten thousand words.

Monday, September 7, 2009

things i do

when the husband is gone...
[besides cry my eyes out.]

eat nachos for dinner.
with beans and lots of cheese and cilantro.

write love notes & send racy photos [hi mom]
to make sure he's thinking about me as much
as i'm thinking about him.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

yay tops!

tops [finally] has 100% recycled toilet paper!
and it's on sale this week. go buy some.
[are you for sure an over-the-top blogger if you take pictures of your t.p.?]