Thursday, September 10, 2009


[ok so it's the day after but it's too cool to skip.]
niner random notes:

01. Relevant Worship will be recording a live DVD and would like YOU to be a part of it! The event will take place Friday, September 25th, 6:30pm at the Town Ballroom [681 Main Street, Buffalo]. Come be a part of the fun live concert. Tickets are $5 pre-sale or $10 at the door. This will absolutely be a night to remember. We hope to see you there!

02. i had to get groceries today & i had a $5 off coupon if you spent $50. i thought to myself, gee i don't think i need $50 worth of groceries, i'll just have to stock up. my bill came to $93 before coupons. haa. [$69 after coupons - woot, woot.]

03. i almost parked in the road when i got home because i forgot about my snazzy new driveway.

04. i picked cherry tomatoes and basil out of my garden and made this for lunch [drizzled with homemade italian dressing of course]:

05. i hate the smell of bubble gum. i have a rule that j cannot chew it around me. mand brought j some bubble gum, it came with these instructions:

i appreciate her thoughtfulness.

06. i bought some buttery salt & cracked pepper popcorn today. i'm going to try it tonight.

07. j found pictures of our house before we bought it. i must do a before & after series.

08. i wish i could braid my hair like this:

09. i scored this mug at a yard sale for 0.25! it's currently my favorite mug.


  1. 01. got my babysitter, i'd like two tickets pretty please!! (for real, where do i get the tickets??)

    04. love alex bread!!

    05. that's just the kind of girl i am.

    06. mmm...i'd like some please.

    08. i wish i could braid my hair period. mom did us a disfavor by always braiding our hair and not letting us learn.

    09. for some reason that seems like a mug justin would have had as kid. that's just the first thing i thought when i saw it.

    10. my v-word is: butishe. teehee.

  2. I feel a new kinship with you since you are coupon-clippin' cuz--nothing beats a deal;)