Tuesday, September 8, 2009

if you want to be happy, be.

today i am particularly happy because of the following things...

i [finally] have a driveway! that makes me happy. it's been weeks since i could park my car in my driveway so this is very exciting. also, if you ever had the privilege of bottoming out on our old driveway, you will be glad to see how gradual and lovely and long our new driveway is!

jake. he always makes me smile. see how happy he is to see me?
he's thinking...

my mom stopped by just to drop off a pumpkin spice latte [it's that time of year!]. that makes me happy. i'm thinking...

picnik.com - my photographer is out of town. lyx mentioned this editing site & i decided to give it a try. i think it's neat-o! pretty pictures make me happy. you know how if you say a word too many times it starts to sound weird and then you wonder if it's really a word? [no?] well, it happens to me. and now i'm starting to ask myself, 'happy is a word, right?!'

speaking of my photographer you must, MUST look at some of his latest photos here... this is anthony proposing to allison. isn't it totally adorable? this picture makes me happy.

if you'd like pictures of you or or loved ones that will knock your socks off, i suggest you hire him. after all, one picture is worth ten thousand words.


  1. You made my day Marlita!!!! My first smile of the day and I actually think Im happy this morning!!! What a great word to begin the day " HAPPY"!!!!!! Lots of love to you!!

  2. 1. i love pumpkin spice lattes.
    2. congrats on the new driveway! is it any wider, or do you still have to hold your breath backing out?
    3. what is going on with jake in that picture?! is he on a diet?? why does he look so mini? also it looks like he has no tail! did you crop him in picnik?

  3. hooray on the driveway!! i can't wait to pull in (too bad i didn't come sooner...i could've left tire tracks!!).
    cutest picture of jake. ever.
    fabulous pictures all by yourself!
    and i'm liking the the no-border on your pictures. ;)

    haa...v-word: rumpo