Tuesday, September 15, 2009

weddings and bobcats.

my cousin gretchen had a beautiful wedding on lake erie. it was a lovely day. see the puffy clouds? and look how cute gram is:

it was a bit windy...

mand and i scored amazing vintage dresses for the wedding.
both of our dresses had pockets! that's a major score.

mand, why didn't you tell me to put my hand in my pocket?!
weddings call for freshly painted toenails.

gretchen pulled up to the ceremony in this lovely.
see the 2 crazy girlies peeking...

the cute couple and their vw.

the excitement didn't end with the wedding. since we were half way there, mand + i drove to beaver falls, pa to spend the night with lyx! one last pit stop and we were off...

haa. i love my seester.
as mand + i neared b.f., the roads got windier and narrower [as pa roads do.] we were coming around a bend when out of nowhere an animal ran in front of our car. another car was coming head on and there was no shoulder to speak of [because we were on a pa road], so we had nowhere to go. lucky for us [and him] the animal ran across the road with such lightening speed, we missed hitting it. narrowly. as in i saw it under the bumper. and i have no clue how we didn't hit it. mand + i both did our famous gasp [our hubs love it when we do that in the car].
"what was that?", i asked. slowly. with both hands still clasped over my mouth. [important details. i'm still getting mocked for that.]
after carefully considering the speed, size and color we determined it was a bobcat. a bobcat!
we had a wonderful visit with lyx. we talked. we laughed. we ate yummy food. we laughed til we cried. i so love my sisters. i won't name any names but my favorite quote of the weekend was, 'i don't usually burp loud enough that it's edible.' [that required a mini break just to write that because i couldn't stop laughing just thinking about it.]
i broke andy's rules and put my mug right on the warmer to get nice hot coffee. i'm such a coffee rebel. there's not much i won't do for a good hot cup of coffee.

of course we ate orams.

we also experienced an exciting moment in the grimm garden. the 1st pepper! i also learned if you leave a green pepper on the plant it becomes a red pepper. who knew.

love you sisters.


  1. cute!! love, LOVE the vintage dresses & sounds like a delightful girly time! also LOVE the edible burp quote. delicious! (had to mix it up a little this time...) ;)

    vword: tostisto

  2. i'm glad rachel could leave a nice enough comment this time that didn't need to get deleted! haa!

    love my seesters. fun weekend. your pics look so good!

    vword: gelin (rachel got a better one)