Sunday, October 25, 2009

.. fall fashion: at the show ..

i love when i am able to travel with j to shows. not only are the guys [and gal!] ridiculously talented, i love to spend a night with my favorite guy. he's an amazing guitar player and i'm so proud of him.

there's an unwritten law. if i'm in a wide open space, i must do cartwheels. i went for a walk with my favorite guy today. the sky was blue. there were sundogs. leaves were falling and everything was glowing. life is so amazing.

photos by: jalexander.


  1. Check out that cartwheel! You're a rockstar!

    Believe me when I say that my word for word verification is dance.

  2. whoa, check out that cartwheel. i need to get practicing. maybe we can learn to do our holding hands cartwheel again!

    when linc put on his chucks the other day (he has blacks ones now) he said, "like jo-jo". so his coat & pants are like marmo and his shoes are like jojo.

  3. That cartwheel pic is AMAZING!
    Your photographer is fantastic, not to mention your cartwheeling skills!
    p.s. trying to imagine a "holding hands"'ll have to show me sometime.

  4. someone's been using my computer... so this comment will say it's from marla. Ha, guess who?
    I used to do lots of cartwheels. Maybe if I practice I can get my strength back. It would probably be really good for my bum shoulder. I should probably start with handstands... Lyndsay, remember when I crashed?