Friday, October 23, 2009

.. fall fashion: hoodie ..

beret: made by my mooms...she's the best!
hoodie: urban outfitters
shirt: h+m, thrifted [tanks mand!]
jeans: h+m
shoes: toms

today was grey. and cold. and rainy. we see a lot of days like that this time of year. but i love where i live. i like that i can look out the window at work and see corn fields. i like that the air is brisk and fresh. i like the smell of freshly fallen leaves.

photos by: jalexander. i have a date with him tonight. woot woot!

today on the radio i heard this: the most important thing is not what you're doing for God, the most important thing is that God is the most important thing. i've been thinking about that a lot. sometimes i get so caught up in the 'doing' i forget about just 'being'. i don't want to live my life constantly trying to meet expectations i set for myself. i simply want to be the woman God created me to be.
happy weekend! don't just do... be.


  1. first of all, the quote at the end is exactly what i needed to hear right now. i have been setting goals for myself and if I don't achieve them i get so upset. I am "doing" and not "being" for sure. I don't know if I even know how to just "be". That's sad.

    LOVE the outfit! can your mom make me a hat like that too please?! HEHE!

  2. I think I look most forward to your posts because of all the lovely staged photos (and of course, great outfits).

    Thanks also for sharing the bit about the importance of God at the end. May we continue to do business with Him as our top priority!

  3. I'm a hoodie FREAK.

    mrs boo rad

  4. total perfection. and you are so GORGEOUS!! :)

  5. wahoo, i contributed to your fall fashion week!

    mom never made me a hat...i had to go buy one from target! guess she does like you more...sniff.