Friday, October 2, 2009

foodie friday!!!

the sweet hubs planned a lovely evening for our anniversary dinner. we tried a new restaurant downtown rochester near the little theater. we were not disappointed. it was a rather warm evening so we asked to sit outside. it threatened to rain a couple times but that just meant we had the entire patio to ourselves.
i had a special, a very yummy chickpea pasta with spinach & mushrooms:

j takes advantage of eating out to get some red meat:

the fresh cut frites with spiced tomato sauce were excellent. confession: i always eat off j's plate. especially if there are french fries involved.
my photographer is currently unavailable, but i promise to add more photos of the lovely evening. we had a good experience at 2 vine & i would recommend it, especially if you can eat outside.


  1. Sorry! I do miss you! (This makes me hungry)

  2. nice new header.

    wish the food looked appetizing...