Thursday, October 29, 2009

from time to time...

i always...
... want ice cream. like everyday. like right now.
... snooze the alarm. i'm a snoozer.
... drink coffee. every morning.
... feel loved.

i sometimes...
... feel completely insecure.
... think too practically. i'm a practical gal.
... ignore calls. sometimes i just don't want to talk on the phone.
... sleep til 10am. it's a beautiful thing.

i never...
... eat meat. it's gross.
... wake up early + happy. no. can. do.
... read as much as i should. i'm quite good at reading blogs...
... want to watch scary movies.

but here's a scary movie for you! happy halloweeny!

happy weekend!
my weekend plans include: apples & caramel dip & butternut squash soup. mmm.

1 comment:

  1. i always want ice cream too! even in the middle of winter. it's a bizarre, frightening obsession.
    i made butternut squash soup the other day and it was disappointing. i need a new recipe, so if you have a good one - please share. :) maybe for foodie friday.