Tuesday, October 27, 2009

today in pictures.

found this on etsy. probably should've put it on my wishlist.
but i just couldn't wait.

speaking of etsy, if i had $145 to buy a sweater, it would be this one:
[rae is that too many commas? i like commas. it's like a nice dramatic pause.]

looking forward to watching this tomorrow at 8pm:

soaking up these days full of color.


  1. 1. love the locket (is it a locket? it looks like a locket.)
    2. commas were just fine. :) the only slightly unnecessary one was after "sweater" - but i'm also guilty of using commas when they're not entirely necessary. i also like the pauses. :) also a huge fan of the dash, if you couldn't tell.
    3. that sweater is fabulous.

  2. it IS a locket! can't wait to put my pics in... glad to hear my comma use is acceptable!

  3. all this talk about punctuation makes me want to sing:
    "i love you period. do you love me question mark? please, please exclamation point! i want to hold you in parenthesis."
    love, love that sweater.
    and just so you know, you could have watched charlie brown tuesday & wednesday night.