Sunday, October 18, 2009

.. a week of fall fashion ..

there's a blog i've been following for some time. emery is a lovely and inspiring gal. she has a great heart. she's an amazing writer. and she dresses rad to boot. if you don't read her blog, you should be. as a matter of fact go to her blog, scroll down and click on the love story. you'll be hooked. guaranteed. emery is doing a week of fall fashion & invited others to join in. so i'm joining... like emery said, it's fun to see how others dress for the new chill in the air. and we have a serious chill in the air. it snowed this past week. in octoberrr. j + i usually try to hold out til november to turn the heat on. i have to say, we caved with the snow. to jump start the week of fall fashion, here's what i wore to church today...



dress: thrifted. [scored this fabulous dress from andy's late great aunt aseneth's wardrobe. got that?]
tights: target
shoes: seychelles, urban outfitters

photos by: jalexander.


  1. marla. oh. my. goodness. This dress is AMAZING! So stunning. And how cool is the name Aseneth?? heh. :)

    I'm so stoked you're joining in the Fall Fashion Photo Week. I can't wait to see the rest.


  2. I LOVE THAT DRESS!!! Adorable! So jealous!

  3. your soooo beautiful!!!! you work it mar!!

  4. if only aunt aseneth could see her clothes in all their glory!