Friday, November 6, 2009

foodie friday!!! earl's.

my love + i were out on a jaunt to pick up a craigslist find [pics to come!]. we drove by an inviting diner-ish looking place with a large sign that read 'earl's'.
"i think i've heard good things about earl's", i told j.
so it was decided.
after we picked up our treasure we were coming back to earl's for dinner. very.good.decision. it was cold & snowy outside. it was nice & warm inside. we picked a table right next to a heater and that made me happy. it smelled like home cookin' & apple pie. that also made me happy. grilled cheese w/ homemade chips for me, broasted chicken with mashed potatoes & gravy for j. fresh cut curly fries with gravy for an appetizer. and a piece of chocolate peanut butter pie to share for dessert.
worth going just for the pie.
and the fruit jar drinkers.

we'll be back earl.

go to earl's:
12139 olean road
chaffee, ny 14030


  1. Were you down in Arcade? If it's the "Earl's" I'm familiar with down there, it really is a great place to eat!

    If not the same one, it still looks like a great place to eat!!

  2. yes! i guess it would be helpful if i added a bit more info, huh? ...done. :)

  3. Yep, that's the same one I've been to. We've gone there after the Strawberry Fields tractor pulls in Chaffee. It's a very good place to eat!!

  4. where's the picture of the fruit jar drinkers?