Sunday, November 29, 2009 thanks..

this year i am especially thankful for..

the whole family in town.
my dad who always has a story to share.

rambunctious nephews.
[our latest nicknames by linc]

an oven full of pies.
a kitchen full of moms + grandmas+aunts+sisters+daughters+granddaughters.

mom's apple pie. made under gram's watchful eye.
"put in all the butter your conscience will let you, my mother always said." ~gram

j's pecan pie.

my spirited and sprightly grandmas.
my mirthful mother.
my good genes. [te hee]

the cutest chef i ever did see.
and yummy grilled veggies.
and a thanksgiving day warm enough to grill.

a table full of food.
a table full of laughter.
a table full of family.
grandma's tossed salad with homemade honey-dijon dressing.

sitting around the fire together.
grandma's stories.
husbands that get along better than us seesters ever could've planned.


  1. love that living room. nice molding around the windows. so pretty.

  2. A picture perfect T-day! I love the butter quote and yes, I hope those Bannister women genes stay with us for a long time. I always brag to my friends that my 91-year-old Gram "prefers" to sleep in her tent over the camper he he.