Tuesday, November 3, 2009

halloween @ sweethome

c+h wanted to party on halloween. so i called mooms & told here we were coming out to the country to party. we invited m+m. mooms invited aj+uncle stu. and the party was on.
these trickers showed up as well:

i always thought it was tricker treat [trick or treat.] so much to learn...
our party centered around food [imagine that.]

the menu:
curried butternut squash & pear soup
red cabbage soup
apple pear cheddar salad
pumpkin biscuits
cajun cornbread
homemade cheddar chive bread
cocktail meatballs [i had to throw in some meat somewhere to satisfy the hubs!]
caramel toffee apple dip
sparkling grape juice [or it wouldn't be a party!]
fresh homemade donuts

and it was a very happy halloween!


  1. who made homemade donuts? those look amazing. bummer i missed it.

  2. OH MY!!!! What a spread, why wasnt I invited????? ha, ha. Bet ya'll had a great time with the fam!!!! Love ya

  3. looks like a fun party! yummy eats!

  4. want one of those donuts now!

    v-word: dentivic (this is what the dentists say when mike repairs a tool mighty quickly).