Tuesday, November 3, 2009


[warning mand: looking at these pics will remind you
how much you need want this house.]

we recently went to look at a house with m+m.

it was built in 1814. known as the 'covington route' in the underground railroad.

see that room in the back? that's the meat house.
the hooks to hang the meat are still there.

it's a rather large house. but we have big plans.

see the bell?! to call in the farmhands...or children.

marble sinks in bedrooms with original faucets.
[who's the hottie in the mirror?]

i love all the windows.

and the amazing wallpaper.

the backyard wasn't too shabby.

totally spectacular barns. big. huge. barns.

and lots of them.

intercom system. we tried it. it works.

trout stream bordering the property.

conspiring together to figure out how we can pull this off. aka convince the hubs. the trout stream was very helpful.


  1. great house and the property is sweeeeeet!!!! LOoks like enough room there for all of us to move in, just kidding, you can breathe now.

  2. Marla,

    Where's this house? Is it actually for sale? It's beautiful!!

  3. wow! that red room is huge! is that a bedroom? and whoa there are a lot of barns. what did j think?

  4. wow. that house is amazing. if you pitch in, doug & i will buy it and move back to wny. :)

    best vword ever!! "radisms"

  5. um, ok rae! i'm feeling a family commune...there was actually a 2nd house on the property also. and an apartment in the big house.
    mo: it was on the market, i believe it's currently an expired listing. it's in the town of covington.

  6. who knew that all it would take would be a family commune to get rachel & doug back here!
    ms. teresa you need to move here so we can open up our bakery (we'll sell our goods in the barn)!!
    i say we put in a lower offer, just to see what would happen.

  7. oh yea, and that girl in that last picture looks like she's got some serious morning sickness going on.

    haaa, v-word: downerd