Tuesday, December 29, 2009

christmas eve elfit.

headband - etsy
dress - thrifted
tights - jcpenney
coat - mom's from high school [score.]

i started thinking about my christmas eve elfit [as craigy says] weeks ago. go ahead and judge me. i absolutely adore my coat from mooms. although i did close it in the car door a couple times. my grandpa said he remembered mom wearing it. mom said she remembers how excited she was to get the coat & couldn't believe her parents bought her such a nice expensive coat. i can't believe i took the coat off for the pictures. it was f-f-f-freezing. and windy. that's why my hair looks so awesome.
lots more christmasing pictures to come...


  1. Hello, great outfit. I'm trying to make 'thrifting' my clothes a habit too. I hope I'll have the time. Happy new year!

  2. I LOVE the coat!! I can't believe your mom still had it!! It's AWESOME!!

  3. marla your beautiful in those pictures. you need to be a model:)