Sunday, December 13, 2009


nyc highlights:
we took the train to nyc. it was wonderful. lots of leg room.
nice views. room to stretch.

spent some quality time on craigy's roof.

found a fav coffee shop in brooklyn, the glass shop. totally.amazing.yummy.flat white. need i say more? we also enjoyed our fresh bagels & flat whites in the backyard. in brooklyn. on dec. 4.
[it snowed the following day. there's good ole ny.]

free winter weekdays at brooklyn botanical gardens!
[again, this is brooklyn. in dec. warm & sunny. just can't get over that.]

found some lovely used books at this adorable book store.
unnameable books in prospect heights.

we enjoyed middle eastern food at zaytoons.
yummy, yummy falafels.

we had some good times on the subway. like when aj's suitcase got charged for going through the turnstile. or when dad & aj swiped but didn't go through so we let them in the emergency door. and then got yelled at by a transit employee. or when mooms got her foot stuck in the train door.

darn tourists.


  1. thank you for finally posting about the trip so i could do my post and link to your pictures.
    and i just realized i never made it up to craigy's roof!