Saturday, December 19, 2009

.nyc.part deux.

i so love my siblings. always lots of laughter when we're together.
'mand, you smell good. like candy.'
uncle stu had his pedometer on...we walked over 25,000 steps this day.

at least mand was still smiling.

chestnuts roasting on an open... street cart.
my first ever roasted chestnuts.
not a fan. tasted like ham to me. i don't like ham.

finished off the evening at the one & only rockefeller tree. it was rather crowded. mom's seatmate on the train ride home said she went at midnight to avoid the crowds. i'd recommend that. she said there were even still folks ice skating.

the next morning we had brunch at the general greene in brooklyn. [we basically went from one yummy meal to the next on this trip. that's basically how we roll.] i had french toast. with creme fraiche. it was very sweet. which in my book is very good.

there's a rule when you go to nyc, you must find & eat super good cupcakes. er, maybe that's just my rule.

we had some amazing cupcakes at betty bakery.
and the girls behind the counter were very friendly and helpful.

it rained alllll day. and then it turned to snow. we took the staten island ferry. and took some sweet touristy shots with the statue of liberty.

had some a-mazing new york pizza. grimaldi's pizzeria. we did have to wait in the cold for about 15 minutes. but the coal-oven cheese pizza was so worth the wait. order cheese only. trust me. [if you dare trust a vegetarian. but even the carnivores favored the cheese. i'm telling you...]

the next morning we walked to bergen bagel. i ordered a multi-grain bagel piled high with olive cream cheese. glorious. we bought some egg salad with dill for the train ride. then we headed over to brooklyn larder to load up on cheese for the train ride home. the montgomery cheddar was awesome. we also got some goat's milk cheese that was equally awesome. the train was a bit more crowded on the ride home. but we were still able to sit close-ish. my seatmate took up a seat and a quarter. and had a large pillow. mand's seatmate was quite friendly. then he fell asleep and snored incredibly loud. we laughed like a coupla 5th graders. j's seatmate took off her shoes. and socks. i love traveling with my family.


  1. ou, this is the post i needed to link to since there are actually pictures of me in them and people can see that i actually did go to nyc with you.
    haaa...i forgot about smelling like candy!! and now i'm remembering that i tried telling craig about it and it sounded like i was just quoting lyrics from a country song, so we started making up a song. i wish i could remember what i said to him.
    roasted chestnuts were not so good.
    i am a carnivore and i will attest to the fact that the cheese pizza is by the far the bestest.

  2. Very cool! Nice set of posts about family and fun and the NYC.

  3. Love the pic of the three sibs at the counter, poor lyndsay must feel quite left out;(

  4. i've had grimaldi's and bergen bagels before. so. stinking. good.