Thursday, January 28, 2010

catching up: o christmas day.

christmas morning tree..


brando! aka uncle steve..

tim tams! ..
[is that an unfinished 'christmas' present half knitted behind me? why yes it is. did i still wrap it? you bet.]

he spoils me..

and he knows me so well. my favorite vintage pattern..

t-bomber. . [how we got from jake to t-bomber, you'll never know.]

our tree had grapevine growing it in. we thought that was neat-o. it stayed..

it was a very merry day.
we had our traditional christmas brunch. southern style. biscuits, grits [oops, i ran out], pork jowl, etc. we had a nice relaxing day playing with new toys and hanging out with family.

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  1. Your Christmas decorations are just fabulous and your home is beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration. Like your cattitude