Tuesday, February 2, 2010

all about L-O-V-E

i'm pretty sure i need these...

i'd also take this...

and this...

and maybe this...

all via the one & only u.o. [always pronounced spanish by me - ou, oh.]


  1. I'm sure I saw a mug like that at Salvays... where is your Salvay's wish list?

  2. ouu, mooms has a blogger profile now? nice. and nice how tate's blog is the only one she follows.

    i'm pretty sure you do need those glasses too.

    v-word: dryoni
    (definition: when you leave your pepperoni in your tote bag all weekend instead of putting it in your brother's fridge and it gets dried out)

  3. haaa!
    i keep thinking about dryoni & randomly bursting out in laughter.
    love it.