Saturday, February 6, 2010

foodie friday!!!

this is a slacker foodie friday post for the following reasons:
no food pictures
it includes a chain restaurant
[thank goodness for spell check because restaurant is a hard word.]
[ for me.]
my husband is part asian. not really. but he should be because of the amount of asian food he consumes. and his passion for it. [tip: if you don't have anything to say to j, just start talking about chinese food.] we've been hearing about p.f. chang's and we finally gave it a try last night. i must admit, it's just as good as everyone says it is. and listen to me - get the lettuce wraps! the vegetarian ones were absolutely delightful. i ordered coconut curry vegetables w/ brown rice.
yum and yum.
we then made our way to the new anthropolgie.
sweet paper mache zebra...
[i could make this, right?]

this is what i smell like now...jasmine + orange blossom...
[my sweet hubs picked it out for me.]

adorable apron with wooden buttons...
[i could make this, right? - i think this often. it happens not often.]

amazing mirror...
[j could make this, right?]

i think this good looking guy was totally checking me out...

happy weekend!
[get outside!]

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  1. sounds like so much fun! Wish we could be there too...
    Ps I'll make you the apron with the buttons:)